Z Type sheet pile

Z type sheet piles are produced in the shape of Z letter,which are normally drive in crimped or welded doubles. Z type sheet piles are more widely used than U profile in port construction and deep foundation because Z profile can have a bigger modulus and can be used as intermediary piles for tubular and HZ combined walls.

The main characteristics of Z type hot rolled steel sheet pile: continuous form of the web and the specific location of the interlock symmetrically on both sides of the neutral axis, these two help to improve the modulus of section.

         Generally,Z type sheet piles have below advantages:

  • When modulus of section are similar,Z type sheet pile always have smaller wegiht per square meter than U type sheet piling
  • Bigger width,means that less no of sheets are needed,saving costs on sheet piling installations or excavations.also this is good for watertight.
  • Can be used as infill pile used together with steel pipes,and H beams.which is normally used to achive very high modulus

Z type sheet pile (European Standard)