U Type Sheet Pile

U type Sheet Piles’s large cross-section width ensures that the mechanical properties of the cross-section are fully exerted, cross-section structure is designed reasonably and has a high “quality factor”, The use of steel sheet piles is not restricted by weather conditions, U Sheet Piles has significant environmental protection effects, greatly reducing the amount of borrowed soil and the use of concrete, effectively protecting land resources.

  • Construction is significantly quicker than that for reinforced concrete walls.
  • Permanent sheet piling is a narrow form of construction, which can be installed close up to the boundary of the site maximising usable site space.
  • Steel sheet piles are suitable for all soil types.
  • There is no requirement to excavate for wall foundations.
  • There is no disturbance of existing ground unlike that for bored concrete piling.
  • The steel components are factory quality as opposed to site quality.
  • Steel sheet piles can easily be made aesthetically pleasing.
  • Steel sheet piles can be placed in advance of other works.
  • Immediate load-carrying capacity is present.
  • Steel sheet piles can be used as curtain walling to contain the working site.

U type sheet pile (asian Standrad )

u type sheet pile (european Standard )