About Us

Nanjing huaran New Material Co., Ltd

As one of the most professional supplier of  steel tie rod ,steel sheet piles, accessories and related services in  China .

Hua Ran New Material is a growing and successful company  which can provide our valued client with a One-Stop Solutions to fit for the demandable market today .

Backing by a professional ,committed dedicated  team of sales and engineering professionals , we will offer you our best and most professional services throughout 

the whole project.From the beginning to the end .

We have a comprehensive support  system for our clients, providing them with a variety  of customized  options tailored to their individual needs.  Our team of

experienced design and engineering professionals believes that simply supplying a product is insufficient. This is why customer support, from general advice to full

engineering and support is crucial. Our team consistently makes access to all necessary steel tie rod,sheet pile and  the accessories which including the C channel , 

H beam, ,Steel pipes and Painting services , Joint  sealing  and more,simple and efficient  .

Hua Ran New Material refers to this guaranteed support system as a steel tie rod &sheet piling solution.Our primary objective is to use our wide range of expertise 

to provide the customers with efficient and qualified products and services that meet their stated and implied requirements.

Our Missions

  • Promote the use of steel tie rod and steel piling
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of using steel tie rod and steel piling
  • Assist with the development of codes and specifications
  • Identify, encourage and publish research to advance the use of steel tie rod and  steel piling systems
  • Provide a cross industry source of knowledge of design and construction aspects of  steel tie rod and steel piling
  • Promote sustainable use of steel tie rod and  steel piling by advancing best practices including: reuse, recycling, efficiencies and carbon reduction